kangaroo gold
kangaroo gold

1 oz gold Kangaroo

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Gold Kangaroo coins are considered some of the most beautiful Gold coins in the world. Since their release, the 1 oz Gold kangaroo has appealed to both investors and collectors worldwide for their beauty and purity.

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The Australian Gold Kangaroo is a beautiful 99.99% pure gold bullion coin minted by the Perth Mint, the government mint of Australia. Each coin ships inside its own plastic holder. The Perth Mint’s unbeatable minting experience and its use of advanced manufacturing technology contribute to the coins’ reputation of being the highest quality in the world. Struck by the historic Perth Mint from 99.99% pure gold, each coin’s Australian legal tender status guarantees its weight and purity. Perth Mint bullion coins are universally recognized as the most affordable means of purchasing gold bullion in the secure form of official, legal tender coins. Perth Mint bullion coins are tangible assets that are beautiful to behold. Featuring stunning new artistry each year, they are admired worldwide and are highly collectible. As well as annual design changes, the coins’ restricted mintages create the potential for even greater investment return in the form of a numismatic premium.


A 1 oz. Australian Gold Kangaroo is 32.1 mm in diameter and 2.8 mm thick.

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